Kennel Ikurin

Successful Keeshond Breeding since 1983

We breed on a small scale and select every litter carefully. We have found fantastic homes for our puppies and without our committed puppy owners we would never have been able to achieve all the success we have. Thank you!

- Ikurin Breeders

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Three generations of passion

Pia Vatanen | Kata Saarilahti | Ida Saarilahti

The story of Kennel Ikurin started in 1983 when our first litter was born. In the beginning the breeders were Pia and Martti Vatanen, but during the years Martti gave his possession to Pia's and Martti's daughter Katariina who took Martti's place as a breeder. Another change occurred when Katariina's daughter Ida became officially one of the Ikurin breeders. 


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Our achievements

We have bred Keeshonden since 1983 and a lot has happened during the years. We have over 50 Finnish Champions, over 30 International Champions and a big number of different winner and champion titles. Also first obedience and agility champions in our breed were bred by us. We have also been awarded with several breeding prizes and our breeder group has gained a lot of success in Finland.

Our dogs

Our dogs are our family members and we want to keep only a small number of dogs at home to be sure they all get a lot of love and attention. That is why loving and caring co-operating homes are very important to us.


We have litters quite seldom, not even every year, and all our litters are carefully considered. Our puppies live amongst us and that is how we can be sure that they get all our attention and time.


Our first litter was born in 1983 and through the years we have had approximately one litter per year. Ikurin Keeshonden have been very active in the show rings and hobby fields during the years.

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